2021 will be a very special year to walk the Camino to Santiago with Uwalk.ie as it is considered a ‘Holy Year’. This is a time when visitors can expect a unique and memorable experience filled with hope, happiness and spirituality.


What is the Camino de Santiago Holy Year?

The Camino Holy year is celebrated whenever the Feast of St James (25th July) falls on a Sunday and pilgrims who walk the Camino in 2021 will be able to enter the Cathedral by the “Holy Door” which is only opened during that year. The last one was 2010, 10 years ago when over 278,000 pilgrims descended on Santiago! In fact, due to leap years, this holy year happens only 14 times in a century.


Cathedral de Santiago Uwalk


 What will happen during the Holy Year?


The immense Cathedral of Santiago (the final destination of many Caminos) has many doors, but one of them is very special. That is the “Puerta del Perdón” at the Plaza Quintana. It is always closed, except in a Holy Year. As well as the Holy Door to the Cathedral being opened, pilgrims who visit the Apostle’s tomb at the Cathedral of Santiago during the Holy Year will obtain their “Jubilee” which means they give visitors forgiveness of all their sins. To obtain this they must also say a prayer and receive the Sacraments of Penance and Communion – a true spiritual and life changing experience for visitors!


Reasons to Travel the Camino in 2021


Spiritual Experience

The Camino de Santiago is always a unique experience for any pilgrim but for those pilgrims who are taking a spiritual pilgrimage, some years hold more significance and no year is more important in this religious calendar then the ‘Holy Years’.



Creating ‘global’ Friends

The Holy Year is also the ideal time to meet a variety of international travellers from every corner of the globe, all traversing different routes with the same shared goal – making connections, friendships and spiritual experiences.


Friends on the Camino



Cultural Experiences

To celebrate Holy Year, many of the cities and towns through which the routes pass will have a wide cultural offering, which will include additional activities and events lined up for visitors to enjoy!


Galician musicians march to traditional music on Santiago's street in honor of Saint James Day on July 25 Camino Uwalk


In 2021, there is an expectation that there will be record numbers of pilgrims on the Camino and it will be the most significant Camino year in living memory.  Remember, 2021 will be a shared history and your footprints can make their mark alongside those who have passed before you…… It’s waiting there for you!

If you are considering walking the Camino on the Holy Year 2021, we would encourage you to start planning your trip as soon as possible as Holy Years attract higher numbers of pilgrims than ‘non-Holy Years’. As there is limited accommodation along popular Camino routes, we recommend to book early so that we can secure accommodation ensuring you get the unique and memorable experience you are looking for.

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