1. Hiking shoes with good grip or hiking boots (Runners are ok for some routes if the terrain is dry but it can be quite wet and muddy). Make sure you break them in!
  2. Poncho
  3. Baseball Hat
  4. Gloves & Warm hat for Spring / Autumn
  5. Sports clothing – we found sports leggings were very comfortable or good quality walking trousers.
  6. Breathable waterproof walking jacket
  7. Hiking Socks
  8. Water Bottle
  9. Rucksack (approx. 20litre) Ideally a bag with adjustable top & bottom front straps
  10. Plasters including Blister Plasters
  11. Epsom Salts (most of the hotels we use have a bath)
  12. Painkillers
  13. Kinesiology Tape – great for strapping minor leg injuries
  14. Sun Protection
  15. Vaseline
  16. Camera