You have booked your trip to the Camino and you would like to know some Spanish before your start. There are some ‘language essentials’ that are always needed when you travel so you can communicate with the locals along the way and feel more confident and independent. Although your pronunciation or your accent might not be ‘on point’, if you have the terminology you are half-way to making your trip an easier one to navigate!


Here are the basic Spanish phrases needed to get you through your Camino trip:


Buen Camino Greeting


The two magic words!!; Por Favor – Please/ Gracia- Thank You

Buen Camino! – The standard greeting to all fellow pilgrims.

Hola – Hi

Buenos días – Good morning

Buenas tardes – Good afternoon

Buenas noches – Good night


Directions on Camino Tapia de Casariego. Asturias. Spain Camino



Dónde está el ….. más cercano? – Where is the nearest?

Farmacia – Pharmacy?

Parada de autobús – Bus stop?

Banco – Bank?



General Phrases/ Questions:

Cuándo? – When?

Qué? – What?

Por qué? – Why?

Cuánto cuesta?  – How much is it?

A qué hora? – What time is?

Hay pan? Do you sell bread?

Habla inglés? – Do you speak English?


Buying Bread in Spain Uwalk Camino


Times of Day

La mañana – Morning

La tarde – Afternoon

Ayer – Yesterday

Hoy -Today

Mañana – Tomorrow

Sunset on the camino



Cena – Dinner

Desayuno – Breakfast

Almuerzo – Lunch

Desayuno – Breakfast

Quiero/Quisiera – I want / I would like…


Camino food