Closely related to Spanish (and even closer to Portuguese), Galician is a language often used along the regions and villages of the Camino de Santiago. So, what if you’re going to Galicia and are terrified that your Spanish will be of no use? Don’t worry—everyone in Galicia speaks Spanish as well as Galician. But learning a little of the language can only help you in making friends, understanding conversations, and (most importantly!) reading menus. Here has put together this crash course in Galician Phrases and greetings to help get you started:



Ola = Hi

Bos días = Good morning

Boas tardes = Good afternoon

Boas noites = Goodnight

Ata logo/ata loguiño = See you later

Ata mañá = See you tomorrow

Chau = Bye

Adeus = Goodbye


Camino shell


Basic Questions:

Como estás? = How are you?

Moi ben, e ti? = Fine, and you?

Como te chamas? = What’s your name?

Chámome… = My name is…

Por favor = Please

Grazas/graciñas = Thank you

De nada = You’re welcome

Síntoo = I’m sorry

Desculpa = Excuse me (trying to get attention)

Que hora é? = What time is it?


Camino food

At a Café/Bar:

Posme un café, por favor = Can I have a cup of coffee, please?

Quería… = I’d like…

Está riquiño = It’s really good

A conta, por favor = The check, please

Cóbrasme? = What do I owe you?

Onde están os servizos? = Where’s the toilet?

Homes = Men

Mulleres = Women

Está aberto = It’s open

Está pechado = It’s closed


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