Day 3: Arzua to Arca 20km

It rained today.  Negative out of the way!  The rain made us appreciate the little things today like, changing into dry socks and sudden short busts of sunshine and finding a use for that Heineken poncho that was handed out for free before a rugby match years ago!  Ok so sunshine all day would have made today more enjoyable or maybe more comfortable shall we say but everyone that flies into Santiago de Compostela on the first day of their holiday has one mission, to walk from Sarria to Santiago and once you are prepared for the weather it will not deter from that.

It is about the scenery and the trail but it is mostly about the people along the way.  Everyone is completing the walk for different reasons whether it be in memory of a lost loved one, a celebration of beating an illness or even for research purposes for potential clients.  The rain probably doesn’t add to the experience but you would not have beautiful green landscapes without a bit of rain!

The walk today was very enjoyable.  It was all mostly throughout forested areas with very flat trails.  After only 5km in there was a chance to have a rest but we decided to keep going.  We stopped with just a little over 10km done at a fabulous little Hostel/Restaurant (Salceda) which was actually closed at the time but they opened up to give us tea and coffee and even lit up a little stove to warm us up!  We headed off from here and arrived at the outskirts of Arca to a sign that pointed the way to our accommodation for the night the O Acrivo.  We arrived drenched but happy with our days walking.  However we were to be rewarded thoroughly for our exploits because when we entered our lovely apartment we were met by the most wonderful of sites….a stove!  All set up and ready for a match to be put to it.  Heaven!  Definitely not the Spain we are used to!  But as I sit here typing this the rain has stopped and the sun is out and there is a lovely blue sky for our evening.