Day 2: Portomarin to Palais de Rei – 25.09km

Today’s weather was less favourable however the lesson you learn from being on the Camino is that no matter the weather you feel grateful to be here.  It is such a lovely way to spend a day, walking through beautiful countryside lost in our thoughts or meeting new people or just enjoying each other’s company.  It really is good for the soul.  To get up in the morning and all you have to do for the day is walk to your next destination, there is something liberating about that.  Two days on the Camino and I’m getting very philosophical!  Along the way today in Gonzar (about 8km from Portomarin) we made our first pit stop!  We met a lovely lady called Chris.  She told us she figured out what the difference is between being a pilgrim and someone just going on a really long walk.  She felt if you are just going for a long walk you’ll
stop if your in any discomfort but a pilgrim will keep going with their journey no matter how they feel.  She also showed us her Camino de Santiago guidebook that is losing weight as she moves forward with her journey!  Every place she reaches she pulls out the relevant page of the guide book therefore making it lighter to carry!

When we moved on from Gonzar the walking continued to be over more even terrain and a lot of it was on a dirt track alongside the main road. We walked through very agricultual areas.  Right through farmyards with all their aromas smelt just like home!  There was plenty of rest spots in the middle 3rd of the walk today.  We were both taken by the beautiful little village of Ligonde and we stopped in Casa Mariluz just outside it for our lunch.
Shortly after continuing our journey after lunch, we came upon quite a vicious dog, probably more bark than bite. But a little frightening all the same. Helen took to shouting ‘Go Home’ but realising the dog didn’t speak English she tried shouting ‘Casa, Casa’. It seems the dog (or perhaps Helen) didn’t speak Spanish either! Luckily we live to tell the tale.
A little over an hour later (with a quick stop at the Pharmacy!) we arrived at our home for the night. Hotel Casa Benilde welcomed us with the most warm and genuine greeting you could expect to receive from a hotel. If we were feeling weary by now it was soon washed away by our amazing hosts, Sari & Francisco, at the front desk. Nothing was too much trouble.
After a hot shower we’re going to sign off and head out for dinner and perhaps just a small glass of local Rioja! Until tomorrow……Buen Camino! ~ Helen & Katrina