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The Hike Life Camino

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic our planned Hike Life Camino Walk with Roz Purcell for July 9th 2020 was postponed. The new provisional date for this trip is July 1st 2021. We will confirm dates and any itinerary/price changes when further travel information becomes available. If you have an enquiry about your current booking for this trip please contact info@uwalk.ie.

July 1st 2021*

Roz Purcell, bestselling cookery author and entrepreneur has a passion for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Roz runs The Hike Life series for budding hikers and walkers of all levels of fitness and this July she is leading The Hike Life group on the Last Stage of the French Way with Uwalk.ie.

For hundreds of years pilgrims from across the globe have walked the Camino De Santiago from the various trails across Europe. The Camino, for many, is a journey of self discovery which will leave it’s travellers with memories to last a lifetime. The Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, is a series of ancient walking routes, which culminate at the Santiago de Compostela, home to one of the most beautiful cathedrals ever built. Many walk the Camino as a religious pilgrimage but many also embark on this journey for spiritual reasons and to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. Join Roz and The Hike Life group as they walk the French Camino Way from Sarria to Santiago over 5 Days and then relax and explore the beauty of Santiago for their final 2 days.



  • Traverse the  most popular section of the entire Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago
  • Meet like minded pilgrims and fellow Hike Life enthusiasts along the route
  • Enjoy mouth watering local cuisine
  • Sarria is 100km from Santiago, which is the minimum distance required for pilgrims to receive the “Compostela” certificate
  • The main street of Sarria, Rúa Maior, has a picturesque atmosphere where we suggest you enjoy a good coffee during the afternoon.
  • Varied landscapes with forests, farmlands and rustic villages
  • Beautiful green landscape that is  characteristic of Galicia
  • In Santiago de Compostela you can visit the beautiful old town, which has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • After finishing in Santiago, you can choose the optional excursion to take a day trip to Finisterre from Santiago
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Sarria to Santiago
(115 Km)
7 nights
€519 pp

Day 1: Sarria.

After making your way to Sarria you could possibly visit the old town.  According to the  booked dining plan, either there will be dinner at the hotel or you can choose to sample some of the local cuisines in one of the restaurants in Sarria.

Day 2:

From Sarria to Portomarín, (23Km)

This first stage goes through different towns where you can visit some Romanesque churches along paths and forest tracks. On reaching Portomarín we have the opportunity to visit the Romanesque church of St. Nicholas and this pretty village with its peculiar history.

Day 3:

From Portomarín to Palas de Rei, (23Km)

First we descend to the reservoir and then we’ll start climbing the hill to the Monte San Antonio, from where we will reach the villages of Toxibó and Gonzar. Then we will go through different villages and small towns like Hospital de la Cruz, Ventas de Naron and Eirexe until Palas de Rei.

Day 4:

From Palas de Rei to Arzúa, (29Km)

When leaving Palas de Rei we’ll have a nice walk through forests to Coto. About noon we’ll reach Melide, halfway along this stage, where you can taste the octopus in one of its typical local cuisine restaurant called “pulpería”. Then across eucalyptus forests we will reach the village of Boente, from where we’ll walk to the village of Ribadiso before reaching Arzúa.

Day 5:

From Arzúa to Lavacolla, (29Km)

This stage also goes through eucalyptus forests and brings us even closer to our destination.  We’ll pass through different towns, including Santa Irene and Arca.

Day 6:

Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela, (12Km)

As we get closer to our destination we pass through the Monte del Gozo, whose name comes from the joy felt by the pilgrims when seeing the city for the first time.

Days 7 & 8:

In Santiago de Compostela

Spend 2 days visiting this beautiful city, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.  Why no visit the market town, Plaza de Abastos or one of its museums e.g. the Museum of Pilgrimages and the Cathedral Museum. Then it’s time to make your way to the airport for your journey home.

Optional Excursion: Day trip to Finisterre from Santiago

Finisterre is known as the Edge of the World! Traditionally, this was the last stretch of the Camino and the final 0.0km waymarker where pilgrims used to finish their Camino journey and burn their clothes as they admired the spectacular sun sets of World’s End over the Atlantic Ocean. To those that would like to reach the edge of the world in comfort, we have arranged the perfect day trip to Finisterre for you. The group will meet in Santiago and the guided excursion will take you from Santiago de Compostela to the fishing village and Cape, stopping along stunning parts of the Costa da Morte.

Price of €519 person includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation in private hotels / pensions
  • Daily baggage transfers
  • Walking Notes
  • Pilgrim Passport
  • Emergency support in the event of a problem

Single Supplement: €160


  • Transfers are available on day of arrival and departure for flights arriving/departing in at the same time as the Aer Lingus flights.
  • Rooms are based on twin share. Solo travellers can opt to be paired with other solo travellers for room sharing.
  • Accommodation is in 2/3 star hotels and pensions with private facilities. We have chosen popular family run hotels / pensions along the route. Accommodation is simple and follows the character of the area.

Accommodation is in 2/3 star hotels and pensions with private facilities. We have chosen popular family run hotels / pensions along the route. Accommodation is simple and follows the character of the area.

Camino Travel Tips

  1. Break in your walking boots and socks to prevent blisters. It is also a good idea to have worn any clothing on long walks before you travel to make sure they are comfortable.
  2. Bring runners or ideally flip flops for evening time to give your feet at chance to breath & recover
  3. Pack a sports bottle & fill it each morning before you leave the hotel at breakfast
  4. Bring spare (dry!) socks in your backpack
  5. Get your pilgrim passport stamped in hotels, shops & restaurants along the Way. You must have walked 100km in order to receive your Compostela certificate of completion, in Santiago.
  6. If you have luggage transport booked with us, put your name on your luggage label and attach it to your case on the first morning. This will enable the driver to identify your bag and its destination each day.
  7. Buy a scallop shell on your first day & attach it to your rucksack
  8. A poncho is fantastic for any wet days to keep you, your clothing & your bag dry
  9. If you run out of battery on your camera / phone along the way, charge it in one of the many restaurants / cafes that you stop at. Just bring your adapter & lead. Or take a charged battery pack with you.

What to pack in your rucksack?

  1. Plasters (incl. blister plasters)
  2. Safety Pins
  3. Sun Cream
  4. Lip Protection
  5. Snacks (Protein Bars, Glucose sweets or take a few pastries from the breakfast buffet!)
  6. Hiking Poles (if required)
  7. Plastic Bags for wet clothing
  8. Spare socks & t-shirt depending on the weather
  9. Water Bottles
  10. Tissues / Wipes
  11. Antibacterial Hand Gel
  12. Camera (Charge your battery fully & make sure you’ve plenty of memory!)
  13. Mobile Phone
  14. Sun Glasses
  15. Pilgrim Passport
  16. Emergency Phone number (on travel documents)
  17. Hotel Voucher & Directions to hotel
  18. Spanish Phrasebook

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